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As you've probably noticed, the BJJ training programs available today are not designed with the needs of the “40 plus” grappler in mind…

Most feature the competition techniques of professional grapplers who train as a full-time job. And even more commonly, I hear from Jiu-Jitsu students all over the world who are frustrated because they just can’t physically pull off a lot of the moves they’re learning in class.

The reality is that if you want to make great progress at 40 and beyond, avoid injury, and maximize your time on the mat, you must also have the right strategies and skill development methods in all areas of the game: defense, your guard, passing, top game, submissions, transitions, etc…

…strategies and methods that are designed for you (not for a 20 year-old who has fewer family and job responsibilities, faster recovery time, and less wear and tear on the body)!

And now you can have these all in one place, waiting for you in this training vault.

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Most popular BJJ training sites just give you a glorified "YouTube Channel" with a bunch of  short videos on different topics. That's what our Video Libraries are for; but with the 40 Plus BJJ Academy, we go one better.... Each month, we'll take you behind the curtain with full-length training modules (up to an hour and a half of in-depth instruction) so you can see what what's working NOW in our academy and international network.

This is like having a new, highly targeted seminar every month to skyrocket your skills in each specific aspect of the game.
So far there are nearly 150 videos in all aspects of the game so you can choose what to work on "a la carte"...

Check out our:
• Guard & Escapes Library
• Top Game Library
• And Guard Passing Library 
Along with all of our instructional material, you'll also get access to our training guides and downloads (including "The Ultimate Guide To High Performance Drilling"), expert interviews, and more!
Get your questions answered, exchange advice and insights, and enjoy the support of like-minded grapplers in the 40 Plus BJJ community with our private Facebook Group.
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I've thrown in digital access to the original, international top-selling flagship course. Take your entire game to the next level with the world's #1 most respected training set for BJJ players 40 and over!

My High Performance Open Guard course is 3 volumes of material designed to improve your open guard skills faster by showing you how to drill your training down to just a few core concepts and physical principles – for any age or body type!
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    Check Out What Other 40 Plus BJJ Academy Members Are Saying...

    Except in a few cases, it seems like I have 20-30 years on my classmates and they have 20-30 lbs on their bench press over me.

    It was discouraging at first, getting so gassed out trying to keep up that I thought one of the gospel tenets of BJJ was b.s.: technique beats strength every time.

    It wasn’t until I took a private with my instructor, and voiced my frustration, that he pointed me in your direction. Signing up for your site has proved to be of such a benefit to my overall game, mindset, and attitude when getting on the mats that I feel I can never say thank you enough. In fact, myself and the other three “Grappling GrandPas” in my club routinely get together to work on the techniques... I don’t think a session goes by where I don’t use something, no matter how small, that I’ve gleaned from the series. And those small little nuggets of knowledge eventually build into one scary-ass game. Thanks again!”

    -Blain Stanifer

    I own the 40plus course and it is fantastic, my game has improved so much from watching and drilling techniques from that set it is ridiculous.

     I am a purple belt instructor who has been training for 8yrs and trained with some top level guys and I rate Steve as the most technical instructor I have seen, and I have done seminars with Xande Ribeiro, Eddie Bravo, John Will, etc. I would buy anything he puts out.”

    -James Guy
    40 Plus Even Gets Props
    From Other Instructors...

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